Rubans Accessories is the country's fastest growing jewellery brand, with an enthralling blend of brilliant artistry and modernity.

Over 4000+ designs have been meticulously handcrafted by revered artisans from across the country. With over 2 million satisfied customers Rubans is India's most popular jewellery brand, offering a stunning range of exquisite collections curated for every occasion.

Our mission is to empower every woman to choose to be her favourite, every day. After setting a new benchmark for the
virtual market space in 2021, Ruban's Accessories is now blazing a trail into the silver jewellery segment for the smart and savvy woman of today.

Fall in love with Ruban's spellbinding collection and make it yours.



Chinu Kala, the founder & CEO of Rubans is a first-generation entrepreneur. Her keen observation skills led her to the great discovery of an idea - an idea that would propel her to new heights of success and achievement. She realised that jewellery could add flair and extravagance to any outfit and decided to launch her own jewellery line.

Taking her baby steps forward, Chinu has taken Rubans to new heights, starting with a 6x6 Kiosk in 2014 and transitioning to and setting a new benchmark for the virtual market space in 2021. She has been named to the prestigious Business World "4 Under 40" list, Yahoo Makers India's "Women Entrepreneurs in Spotlight," YourStory's "Woman Entrepreneurs to Watch for," and
was invited to speak at TEDx, where her story of struggle and hardship inspired many women to emulate her.

You can reach her at: Contactchinukala@rubans.in