How To Keep Your Silver Rings Clean & Sparkling

Is your silver jewellery losing its lustre, becoming dull and lifeless? Want to know  how to keep your silver clean and gleaming? Simple tips and tricks, combined  with a little maintenance, will go a long way toward keeping your silver clean and  sparkling for years. Here are a few valuable items that will add sparkle to your  prized collection while keeping it free of dust and direct pollution. 

  1. Check the alloys and grades. 

Always double-check with your jeweller before making a purchase. 925 silver, which is more  durable in terms of quality and upkeep. Anything less than sterling is unacceptable. 925 silver  requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Your jewellery can last a lifetime or more if  cleaned and polished on a regular basis.

  1. Keep Your Silver Dry. 

The best way to care for 925 silver is to keep it dry. When taking a shower, make sure to  remove your silver or completely dry it after your bath. Moisture and wetness remove the  lustre from your jewellery over time. When going for a swim in the pool, remember to  remove your jewellery because the chlorine in the pool can cause a chemical reaction with  

silver that can cause damage. Because the chemical reactions are stronger, sitting in a hot tub  of water can cause more damage than swimming in a pool. When wearing jewellery, avoid  using lotions and creams. Remove your jewellery and apply your creams; allow them to dry  completely before wearing your jewellery again.

  1. Storage Tips 

Keep your sterling silver.925 wrapped in a muslin cloth or soft tissue paper in a  dark place away from direct sunlight. Frequent exposure to air and sunlight can  wreak havoc on your silver, tarnishing it. Instead of bundling all of the pieces  together, wrap them individually in airtight bags and store them in a corner of  your cupboard. Add silica-gel packets for extra security and anti-tarnish protection to your jewellery. 

  1. Take Off Your Jewellery When… 

Busy with household chores, particularly cooking and dishwashing. The heat from  the gas stove, as well as the chemicals in the detergent, are both harmful to your  items. Sweat, perspiration, and harsh sunlight are all deterrents that can corrode  your jewellery and make it appear dull. 

  1. Polish Your Jewellery Regularly 

Polish your valuable pieces on a regular basis to keep them gleaming. To clean the  pieces, use a microfiber cloth or a jewellery cloth with long strokes. If you rub too  hard, the tarnish will spread to other parts of the jewellery.

  1. Prepare Your Own DIY Cleaner 

Avoid purchasing expensive ready-to-use cleaners from supermarkets. Make use  of ingredients from your own pantry. 

  1. Add salt to your precious pieces, rub gently, and rinse under running water.  Immediately wipe with a dry cloth. 
  2. Arrange your jewellery on a dinner plate with a sheet of aluminium foil.  Distribute the jewellery on the plate. Pour in 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of  baking soda, and 12 teaspoon vinegar. Allow time for the bubbles to settle. Wipe  away with a dry cloth after rinsing with running water. 
  3. To keep your silver looking clear and bright, simply use a plain dishwashing  liquid, rub well, and rinse under running water.  

These simple jewellery care tips will help you keep your jewellery looking  beautiful for years to come.